Hybrid Ninja Academy is offering a unique Ninja Plus program this Fall to accommodate a modified school experience.

Starting the first week of school for the WNY area, we will have a limited number of spaces available for students to come to complete their distance/E-learning at Hybrid Ninja Academy.

HNA will have certified educators on site to oversee and support your child's independent assigned learning.

In addition to providing a quiet, safe space for students to complete their assigned class curriculum, they will be provided an opportunity for physical activity on our world-class obstacle courses built just for kids!


If you have additional questions,

please email us at


Students will have their own properly distanced, individual works space in our classroom.  Class time is designated quiet time.  Please bring quiet activities - books, coloring pages, and quiet games.

Students are to bring their own personal laptop/tablet to complete their virtual learning.  We encourage students to bring in headphones to plug into their laptop/tablet.


Certified educators will be in the classroom from 8am-4pm to support students while they navigate their school district assigned learning and to offer assistance where needed.

Our experienced ninja coaches will be in the gym from 8am-6pm to guide children and support safe play while they maneuver through our obstacle courses.


Open play gym times have been dispersed throughout the day.  This will give our students an opportunity to burn some energy and also facilitate focused learning during classroom time.

In addition to open play in the gym, outdoor activities will be a daily occurance.  Nature walks, ball games with friends, or sitting by our pond for a picnic lunch - our goal is to keep the kids active and engaged in physical activity and fresh air!


Daily temperature checks and symptom screening upon arrival.

Students will be distanced 6 feet apart in the classroom with personal designated work space.

Increased cleaning and sanitation practices throughout the facility.

Face covering are supported and encouraged, but not mandatory.


Check-in - 8am

Open Gym - 8-9am

Class Time - 9-10am

Snack Break - 10-10:30am

Class time - 10:30am-12pm

Lunch - 12-12:30pm

Outside Activity - 12:30-2pm

Class Time - 2-3pm

Open Gym - 3-4pm

Open Play (late pick-up)

- 4-6pm

*The schedule is subject to change based on guidance from our local school districts.


Meals and snacks are to be brought in by the the student. 

Our microwave and refrigerator are available for students to use.

Precautions will be taken if we have a student with food allergies.

*A Health Intake Form and updated HNA waiver are required prior to the start of Ninja Plus.


Full Week

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm 


Half Day Full Week


8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm 


Partial Week

3 days, 8am-4pm


Half Day Partial Week

3 days -

8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm


Full Day Flex

1 day, 8am-4pm


Half Day Flex

1 day

 8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm


*Late pick-up available if




We have been getting a lot of questions about our Flex Day options! 


Flex Day options are a great way to reserve a spot in the program if you don't know what days you will need us - buy now and you can choose later. 


Flex Day sales are capped so we do not exceed our daily limit of students in the program.