Our Kids Obstacle League is a team format, points-based competitive obstacle course league designed for all kids who love the sport of ninja!  Our goal is to provide a fun and challenging environment for children who want to grow their ninja skills through friendly competition.  Whether your child is already competitive in the sport of obstacle racing, wants to get more involved in ninja, or just wants to have fun doing something they love with their friends - KOL is the place to be! 

KOL is broken into divisions based on age:       

Youth Division I - Ages 5-7   

Youth Division II - Ages 8-10      

Adolescent Division I - Ages 11-13

Adolescent Division II - Ages 14-16​

Each division consists of 3 evenly divided teams.  During the regular season, every division will run one course giving each member a chance to secure points for their team.  Some nights may include bonus points for time or completing more complex obstacles.  At the end of the season, all three teams will compete in the league championship to claim the KOL Cup!

Note: If your child was signed up for our Spring session that was interrupted by the shut down orders, please join us for our Fall session - you have a credit for a full season! 

Please contact Kara at kara.hybridninja@gmail.com to confirm your child's attendance.



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