Here’s how it works:

• Family teams are made up of 4 team members.

• Can be any blend of family (mom, dad, siblings, cousins, aunts, step-parents, etc.) 

• Each team chooses their own charity!

• Charities selected must have a current 501c3status. 

• The course is 20 obstacles.

• Each team member attempts 5 obstacles in relay format.

• Don’t sweat it!!! Two legs of the relay (10 obstacles) will be designed for those with little or no experience. 

• Each family runs the course twice (40 obstacles attempted).

• The team with the most obstacles cleared is declared the winner! In the event of a tie, shorter time on the course is the tie breaker. 

• 100% of the revenue goes to the charities of choice!  First place team wins 75% for their charity, and a super cool trophy!  Second place team wins 15% for their charity.  Third place wins 10% for their charity. 

• All teams need at least 1 person over 18 and 1 person under 10.

• This is open to everyone!  Participants do not need to be affiliated with The Academy. 

• Limit 20 Teams.

To register your team, please click Purchase!


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