Adhere to physical distancing requirements when possible.  Children will eat lunch and snacks 6 feet apart.


Six (6) CasaTimo automatic, touch less hand-sanitizer dispensers have been strategically wall-mounted around the facility; including two at the entrance.  Nobody will be allowed entrance into the facility without first sanitizing their hands.


Staff and children will undergo temperature and wellness checks upon entry. We have purchased two (2) Ihealth PT3 infrared no-touch thermometers.  A trained staff member or members will greet guests at the door to check temperatures. 


Based on CDC guidelines, face coverings may be challenging for campers and athletes (especially younger children) to wear in all day settings such as camp and/or while exercising.  Face coverings may be worn as feasible. Face coverings are supported and encouraged, but not mandatory.


Campers will be placed in small groups of no more than 10, and remain with that group throughout the day.


Staff will perform enhanced cleaning routines throughout the day.

We are committed to getting the kids back to play at Hybrid, with safety at the forefront.  As a business owner, and especially a father, the safety and well being of our children have always been my top priority. I am proud to announce that I have taken and passed the World Health Organization Covid-19 detection, prevention and response course.  

Safety measures will be updated as the CDC and New York State government release further guidelines and regulations.


Thank you for hanging in there with us and weathering this storm.  It isn't easy, but it's communities like ours that make it possible!  


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